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Stokes New TV Series: DIY Bird Watching Workshop

tvseries1 picture Don and Lillian Stokes have a 5-part TV series called DIY Bird Watching Workshop. View the TV schedule for each episode.

Click each link below to see the content and photos for each episode.

Episode One: Bird Watching Basics (DBW-101)
In Episode One we cover how to attract wild birds to your yard by providing for all their needs—food, water, shelter, and nesting spots. We show you how to build a great platform feeder, then visit two bird watching destinations—beautiful La Jolla, California, and the Carolina Raptor Center for injured birds of prey. The content from Episode One includes:

triangle picture Introduction to Bird Watching. How to bring birds with the basics of food water, shelter and nesting spots.

triangle picture Bird Watching—Building a Simple Platform Feeder. Complete building instructions.

triangle picture Bird Watching Destination—visit Coastal Birds of La Jolla, California.

triangle picture Bird Watching Destination—visit Carolina Raptor Center.

Episode Two: Bird Watching—Guide To Feeding Birds (DBW-102)
Dinner is served. This episode gives you information on the best kind of feeders to use, what kinds of food to put in them and which birds they will attract. We also outline some defense strategies for keeping squirrels off the feeder, and for the squirrel lover, show you how to make squirrels a feeder of their own. The content from Episode Two includes:

triangle picture Bird Watching—Bird Feeding Basics

triangle picture Bird Watching—Birds and Their Feeders

triangle picture Bird Watching—Uninvited Squirrels

triangle picture Bird Watching—Feeding Squirrels on Purpose: build a squirrel feeder

Episode Three: Bird Watching—Guide To Birdhouses (DBW-103)
We cover how to attract birds by catering to their real estate needs and providing the right kind of birdhouse for the right bird species. We give tips on how to correctly mount birdhouses. Learn how to build the ultimate birdhouse for attracting Eastern and other Bluebirds. The content from Episode Three includes:

triangle picture Bird Watching—Qualities of a Good Birdhouse

triangle picture Bird Watching—Birds and Their Houses

triangle picture Bird Watching—Putting up a Birdhouse

triangle picture Bird Watching—Building a Bluebird House

Episode Four: Bird Watching Techniques (DBW-104)
We cover great tips on how to find and identify Birds, show how to use and choose Binoculars and Spotting Scopes. Then we take a trip to birding hotspots in Arizona, Ohio, and New Mexico. with surprises at every stop. Learn how to build a Robin Nesting-Shelf you can put up in your own yard. The content from Episode Four includes: triangle picture Birder's Guide—Bird Identification

triangle picture Birder's Guide—Bird-Watching Tools

triangle picture Bird-Watching Travel

triangle picture Bird Watching—Building a Robin Nesting-Shelf

Episode Five: Bird Photography and Florida Birding Safari (DBW-105)
On this Florida Birding Safari we show what gear to take along and give great tips on bird photography using both 35 mm cameras as well as video cameras. Then we tour Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel, Island, Florida. The content from Episode Five includes:

triangle picture Bird Watching—Field Essentials

triangle picture Bird-Watching—Bird Photography

triangle picture Bird-Watching Destinations—Sanibel, Island, Florida

For the TV schedule for Episode Five go here.

The DIY Bird Watching Workshop has also aired on the HGTV channel and may repeat there in the future.

The Stokes also have a national Public TV series called Stokes Birds At Home which airs through 2002 on Public TV stations. For information about Stokes Birds At Home, click here.

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