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We have a bluebird box with 4 eggs in it. How can we tell if it has been abandoned?

The eggs are probably not abandoned, even though it may appear that way.

Bluebirds usually lay 4-5 light blue (or, rarely, white) eggs. The female lays one egg per day and does not start incubating until the last egg is laid, but she may sit on the eggs for brief periods prior to this. Even though the nest already has 4 eggs in it, the birds may not spend very much time near it because they have not yet laid a complete clutch—which might make you think the nest has been abandoned.

To see whether a bluebird nest really is abandoned you would have to check on it frequently and find no birds in the vicinity for 24-36 hours. It is OK to open a birdhouse and check inside. This will not cause the birds to abandon the nest.

For more information on attracting bluebirds go here.

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