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>Bird Feeding

>Bird Housing

>Bird ID

>Bird Gardening

>Bird Behavior

>Don & Lillian's Birding Journal


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Welcome to the Birding section of the Stokes Birds At Home website. Here you will find all kinds of information about attracting and watching birds. Click on the links to the left to get the information contained in each category.

We will be adding new categories and lots of updates in each category, so check back frequently. The topics we will cover include bird feeding and housing, bird gardening, bird identification, bird lives and behavior, bird photography, and birding travel.

A special section is Don & Lillian's Birding Journal, in which we will share with you some of the wonderful moments we experience watching birds.

There is also a library of previous Webnotes. Webnotes are collections of tips and comments that appear on the home page each month.

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