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Hulled Sunflower and Nuts for Less Hardy Winter Birds

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One of the big differences between summer and winter for birds is the lack of insects to eat. In most areas of North America, the majority of insects become dormant in winter, and birds that depend on them, such as warblers and flycatchers, are forced to migrate south where insects remain active in the warmer weather.

Occasionally some of these birds, such as Northern Flickers and Carolina Wrens, remain farther north. They may be lured into staying when there is unusually mild winter weather. Occasionally warblers, such as Pine or Yellow-rumped Warblers, remain north as well.

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When temperatures plummet they all need food. Flickers and wrens cannot hull sunflower seeds because their bills are not adapted to this. So we make sure to offer them hulled sunflower seeds and mixed nuts in the seed mixes we put out. They especially seem to like the nuts.

No matter where you live in the country, offer seed mixes with nuts and hulled sunflower seeds in hopper or tray feeders for your less hardy winter birds. It will help them survive the cold weather and the lack of active insects.

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